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“Kaira is always a pleasure to work with! From the second we start rolling our first scene to the moment we wrap at the end of an often long shoot day – Kaira is present and professional! She comes to work and will give her all until the job is done.” 
Tarik Flannagan, Producer, ABC
"Kaira Klueber is not only one of my favorite people on the planet, she's one of my favorite actors- from legit, to VO, to on camera commercial.  She's a beautiful performer inside and out.  She can make you laugh, and she can make you well up, and she can make you do both within the same scene.  A truly in-the-moment actor who I have so much faith in, it's not even funny.  I can't WAIT until I can say "I knew her when..."
Doriane Elliott, Casting Director, HoneyMix NYC
"I can honestly say, I always want to work with Kaira again. She is bright, skillful and easy to direct. Kaira constantly improves her many voiceover talents and her learning speed is exceptional. A quality that is necessary in our ever changing industry."

Jim Kennelly, Owner/Producer/Director, Lotas Productions

"It was really nice working with Kaira! I think she should be a child wrangler – Kaira is one of the best parent models we had!"

Sunny Kim, Package Design Manager, Toys R Us



Awards and Press....


PSA "Welcome Home" ran at Cannes Film Festival

The pilot short Kaira wrote/directed/produced/acted in won an award in The Best Shorts Competition

Kaira won Best Acting for the film "Laser Wolf" in the 48 hour Film Festival


"Laser Wolf" won Audience Choice Award in the 48 hr Film Festival


"Christie" screened at The New Filmmakers NY Festival


"Boling has cast the play with what feels like a near-perfect ensemble"- Martin Denton, ("Love Me")

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