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Kaira Klueber

*My name is pronounced Care-ah. It's phonetic, A-I-R spells air, add a K at the beginning and an A at the end. K+air+a = Kaira  :-) 

*Lover of all things cozy, a cable knit sweater, a fireplace, a hot apple cider and a seasonal Mrs. Meyers candle. Loving all things cozy since before it was cool. 

*I improvise on ABC's hidden camera TV show "What Would You Do?" And my favorite moments on camera & stage are those that are improvised. 

*Currently dabbling in learning German. Fluent in Yinzer. 

*Firm believer in the oxford comma and a double space after a period.  Go ahead...fight me.

*I grew up attending Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre where I received professional classical ballet training from ages 5-18.  If you also experienced this level of training, you know the entirety of what this means.  

*After my first semester at college I announced to my father that I was majoring in theatre. To which he said "Do what you want, but you're getting your business degree." So.... I did. I got both. I have a BS in Marketing & International Business and a BA in Theatre from The Pennsylvania State University. 

*People told me I should make things. So I made things.  I wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the original shorts "The Decoder" and "The Concierge Chronicles." 

*Enjoys a pinot noir or beaujolais, with notes of cherry.  Preferably chill-able and highly drink-able.

*Spent a semester abroad in Rome, Italy. Will find any excuse to weave "Allora, ragazzi," into everyday conversation.

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